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        Become the leader of household goods industry

        Taizhou Zhonggang Plastics Co., Ltd. (Huangyan Nancheng Jiaxing Plastics Factory) is located in the development zone of Huangyan Nancheng City, Zhejiang Province. The company is equipped with advanced production equipment and automated production lines, and has strong product research and development capabilities. At present, the company has a complete product classification, a rich range of items, covering all aspects of household life. Ice lattice, ice mould, space cup, children's cup, water cooler, ice bucket, ice hockey, fresh-keeping box, juicer, oil pot, salad pot, vegetable board, wiper, heat insulation mat, table and chair protective mat, kitchen, cleaning products, seam drawer series products are deeply consumed with novel and fashionable design and excellent quality. People's welcome and love.

        The company has a good environment and standardized management. It is a private enterprise moving towards a modern management system. The company has always insisted on innovation, scale operation and brand operation. As a local independent brand, we are striving hard to dedicate high-quality and fashionable household products to our customers.

        The vision of the company

        Become the leader of household goods industry


        Corporate Values

        Quality-based Enterprise-building, Honesty-based, Credit-oriented


        Enterprise Spirit

        China and Hong Kong household goods, let the family full of love


        Quality Policy

        Yanjin: IQC inspection, qualified before storage

        Strict: IPQC patrol, FQC final inspection, qualified can be released from the warehouse